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Understanding the requirements of running a successful business and having knowledge of the governing documents and ever-changing statutes and regulations that apply to the specific Community is essential in successfully operating its Association.

Community Association Board Members are usually volunteers and are not compensated for serving. Since the homeowners elect the Board Members, various expectations are placed on them such as immediate response time to varied service requests, financial management of assessments, protection of asset values and myriad other issues relative to the Association’s governance and operation. These expectations are not generally in keeping with the Board member’s perception of their duties when volunteering to serve their Community, nor should they be.

While a Board of Directors can delegate some of its duties in the day-to-day operation of the Community to professionals, it cannot delegate its responsibilities or its decision-making authority. An experienced Community Association Management Company, like Peachtree, assists the Board, drawing from their experience and contacts. A Community Manager is in place to ensure that the Board maintains adequate and accurate records as well as enabling all controls and continuity necessary to a successful and viable Association. The Community Manager does the preliminary work necessary to enable the Board to make good, objective business decisions and is in place to carry out those decisions with professional, educated and objective methods and procedures.

Since the Community Manager is not a member of the Association, they have the ability to be objective and incisive in evaluating a homeowner’s proposal or motives in order to recommend the proper action or response to the Board. The Community Manager maintains the communications and transactions between the Board and Community members in a business-like, less personal fashion and without perceived personal ulterior motives.

The Community Manager is in touch with industry trends and is better prepared to comply with the multitude of regulations concerning Association operations. The value of the Community Manager should not be underestimated. Management fees are not always commensurate with the overall value of the guidance, contacts and expertise provided to the Association’s Board and Community members.

The Community Manager is the source of continuity as the Board is elected annually and, therefore, constantly changes. The Community Management Company is the primary source of accurate, reliable Association history. Having a Community Manager should also enable the volunteer Board member to enjoy living and playing in the community without being approached untimely with questions and complaints.

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